Episode 012 – Today for Tomorrow

Episode 012 – Today for Tomorrow

Today for Tomorrow
What are you doing today for your tomorrow? For me I work to focus on a balance including body, mind and spirit.
What do you do to disconnect and recharge? Did you know that Bill Gates would exercise a ‘think week’ where he would totally disconnect and recharge his thinking? Socrates was quoted as saying we should “practice death daily” or in other words don’t sweat the small stuff and live our lives differently. We each have our own stress levels that we must find a path to relieve. Perhaps just changing how we focus and finding time for ourselves to recharge. Some find meditation to be helpful, others working out and some just quiet time alone. Have you tried any of these? What and how does it work for you?
For me going off the grid has been a challenge however I do believe it is important to find minutes, hours, or even days if that works for you as a commitment to yourself. Recharging is important, and I find rejuvenating. I have taken this time for me and my family to ensure the balance is there. That being said – the balance is never equal, it is the balance of life that works for me. Do you know your balance of life?
We also need to consider rest because sleep is an investment in you. Not so long ago I was challenged with sleeping – it was a vitamin I desperately needed yet could not consume enough of and for what? I risked my physical health and mental health which I recited often to my team and family the lack of sleep I had deprived myself from. In the end, I did come to know where I was and what I needed to be a better me – sleep. Now I make sure I have had enough (and sometimes more) sleep. Are you making the investment in yourself ensuring you have enough rest?
Arianna Huffington spoke on sleep deprivation is not something to brag about and impacts us in our daily activities. She further talks about how we should check ourselves regularly to ensure we are being effect and enjoying what we are doing. I especially like her comment about the leaders of today lack wisdom not education as they are making decisions that impact all of us including burn out.
I have had times in my professional life where I have felt burned out and seized an opportunity when presented to allow me to recharge and be a better me. Stress is part of life and while I haven’t been able to escape it, I have found ways to manage and live with it. It is important that we embrace what cannot be changed while also ensuring we are on the right path. My path is the one for me. Do you know your path?
We should be focused and checking each day – What I am doing today helps me for tomorrow how? It is in the answer to this question you will know your investment is being leveraged. Tomorrow can be defined differently for each of us however in the end it is a gift that has not yet arrived. It is tomorrow that we live today for and it is in tomorrow that we have hope.

Today’s Considerations for Tomorrow:
• Are you investing in yourself?
o Sleep should be one of your investments
o Being healthy both mentally & physically
o Education is always an obvious investment
• Are you taking time for yourself?
o Make and take the time to just recharge however works for you
o Alone time for you
o Turn off the radio and drive in silence (one of my favorites)
• Are you managing stress effectively?
o Know what you can control and what you can’t, change what you can and decide on the rest
o Ask for help
• Are you doing today what is needed for tomorrow?
o Sometimes just living your life can be the key and not living someone else’s life
o Be fearless for tomorrow

Additional Reference(s):
How to succeed? Get more sleep’ (Arianna Huffington | TEDWomen 2010) 

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